Who We Are

Since 1993 a story of passion

GE.CA LEGUMI SPA is a brilliant and flourishing company in the Italian industrial agri-food sector; the Company is growing on an international scale and is increasingly projected to seize great opportunities in its consolidated core-business: selective importation from foreign key-markets, Italian production and marketing of legumes, cereals, seeds and dried fruit.

With over sixty years of experience, the Casillo family holds the reins of a competent and talented Group, united by the same values and driven by ambition, reliability and desire for continuous improvement and updating. The primary objective identified for the future is twofold: preserving the high quality of the services provided and constantly guaranteeing professionalism, transparency and passion for their work, qualities that are undoubtedly intangible and therefore precious for facing every future challenge head-on.


Since its inception in the 1960s by the Gennaro Casillo, GE.CA LEGUMI SPA has distinguished itself for the experimentation of cutting-edge techniques and resources, mastery of raw materials, tenacity and know-how.


Thanks to a plant of over 20,000 square meters and the annual handling of over 4,000 containers, strategies are studied to deepen and refine other technical-distribution paths, focused on legume importing. Impetus, relentless research and innovation: these are the intrinsic elements of the Corporate DNA, the original strengths that have been transformed step-by-step into an exemplary success story of Southern Italy.


Imposing an energetic reluctance towards discrimination and exploitation, GE.CA LEGUMI is close to obtaining the well-known KOSHER and FAIR TRADE CERTIFICATIONS, one concerning the respect for Jewish population, the other concerning ethical respect.

The inclusive mentality is factual, not just theoretical, and it expresses a deep acceptance and welcoming of one’s neighbor, beyond any religion, skin color or geographical origin.


Geca is already planning future challenges, with full respect for work, the environment and nature